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The Law Firm Edward Y.W. Cheung Law Office was formed in 1989 by Edward Y.W. Cheung has grown into an internationally recognized law firm practicing in the fields of Canadian immigration, commercial law, foreign investment, China Trade, Trademark and technology transfer.

Mr. Edward Y.W. Cheung is currently licensed to practice law in Ontario, Canada as barrister, solicitor, trademark agent, and as solicitor in Hong Kong SAR. In recognition of the dynamic trade potential as a result of the North America free trade, as well as China, Taiwan becoming members of the World Trade Organization, we undertake this paradox. As a firm with long Pacific rim experience we assist corporations and individuals to achieve their international business goals in all aspects of business merger, acquisition transactions, business financing, technology transfer, public offering in Hong Kong and China.

Our commitment to the future and our continued dedication to serve the ever-changing needs of our clients is demonstrated by our practice of continuous building up a strong foundation of client relationships and a vibrant international expertise as our specialization.

At Edward Y.W. Cheung Law Office, our scope is international, our service is personal. We are a firm with a global outlook.

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IMMIGRATION & CITIZENSHIP With over ten years of experience, we assist corporations and individuals to meet the requirements and to gain the advantages of immigration to Canada. Our services including:

Independent applications
Skilled professionals
Foreign Students
Family member applications
Self-employed applications
Citizenship applications
Visitor applications
Work Permit applications
Appeals and Judicial Reviews

We strive for excellence in our services. We have built a solid reputation of success with our clients worldwide. We put pride in every case we undertake. At the outset, we assess the merits of a case and determine the reasonable likelihood of success. We advise our clients as to the length of process and discuss the best strategies and alternatives. Our global experience helps us anticipate potential problems that may arise and seek the best solutions to difficulties encountered in advance.

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REAL ESTATE LAW We specializes in both commercial and resident real estate in Canada, Hong Kong and China. We provide services to clients who are active in all aspects of real property financing, development and building, commercial leasing, real estate syndication and joint venture. Services we provide:
  -advising buyers and sellers on the process involved in buying or selling a property
-negotiating and drafting residential and commercial leases
- negotiating and drafting agreements of purchase and sale
- advising with respect to agreements of purchase and sale
- acting for buyers or sellers on
    1. new homes purchases/sales
2. condominium purchases/sales
3. resale home purchases/sales
4. recreational property purchases/sales
5. vacant/development land purchases/sales
6. investment property purchases/sales
7. mobile/trailer home purchases/sales
8. real estate syndication purchases
    - acting for borrowers or lenders on mortgage transactions;
- advising borrowers with respect to mortgage liability
-advising lenders with respect to debt or mortgage enforcement
- advising tenants with respect to lease liability
- advising with respect to business purchases/sales
- advising landlords with respect to lease enforcement
- residential tenancy evictions
-consulting with respect to real estate disputes involving boundaries, rights of way, etc.
- acting for buyers or sellers on all types of business purchases/sales
- agency closings for purchase, mortgage or sale transactions
- negotiating and drafting business purchases/sales
- advising tenants with respect to lease liability
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The area of Corporate and commercial law the firm engages in encompasses from starting of a new business, buying an existing business, expanding current business, restructuring an ongoing operation to dealing with the insolvency of financial troubled business operations, merger and acquisition transactions, business financing, public offering (Hong Kong & China) and the drafting and negotiation of commercial document for a wide variety of transactions locally and internationally (Hong Kong & China).

We provide a wide spectrum of services in Pacific rim countries in joint venture syndication, China trade, technology transfer and starting a new business in China and Hong Kong.

In the past we have successfully assisted our Canadian clients to locate joint venture partners in China and vise versa.

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